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“St. George Light”     8×10     oil     $1200     available through Dix Baines Studio @ 720.353.2670

The role of an artist is to capture images of the day and bring them to the attention of  members of society to appreciate and to leave a legacy for those who will follow.  The artist captures the ordinary and shows us that it is extraordinary, whether it be a landscape, a building, or people on a street.  They leave a visual history of our day so those that come later can connect with us. 

Ground was broken for the  LDS St. George Temple in November 1871 and the building was completed and dedicated in 1877.  It is a monument to the pioneers who left the comforts of their homes in the East and spread and colonized the west, and as they did so erected monuments to their faith.  Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines – Dix Baines Studio.

“SUMMER POND”      16×24     $3500     Available through Dix Baines Studio @ 720.353.2670

“FEEDING TIME”        5×7    $300     Available through Dix Baines Studio @ 720.353.2670

“SOL”        5×7         $300     Available through Dix Baines Studio @ 720.353.2670

“SLOW RISE”        5×7         $300      Available through Dix Baines Studio @ 720.353.2670

“LILLY AND KOI”        5×7         $300     Available through Dix Baines Studio @ 720.353.2670

“KOI POND”        5×7         $300     Available through Dix Baines Studio @ 720.353.2670

Although, I have been painting trout for a number of years and feel comfortable in doing so, I’m finding that Koi are indeed a whole other animal.  Photographing them is very different, as I don’t catch them, pull them in and then photograph. Instead I have to lay by the side of the pond and capture them either with my regular camara or the video. These mini 5×7 paintings are really a great way to learn to paint these beautiful animals.  DIX BAINES-ARTIST JOURNAL



Announcing a painting workshop with artist Dix Baines at G Squared Gallery on September 16th and 17th.
Bring your paints, easels and materials and come to create, discuss and enjoy art! This casual, two morning workshop will include :
· Oil painting demonstrations
· Importance of composition thumbnails in outdoor painting
· Critiques of your work

Time: 9 AM – 1 PM
Cost: 1 day 50$ / 2 days 80$


Day 1: Laurel Valley Farm on Freeman Road
Day 2: Pine Springs Farm in Stahlstown

Dix Baines paints a variety of subjects in his expressive light infused style. Characterized by his bold brushwork and dramatic use of light and color, his paintings depict landscapes, villages, barns and adobe buildings, fishing scenes and the river environment as a whole. A pond, is the latest feature at his studio. Small works of Koi and water plants will be on display in the Gallery. Dix will also have work featured at the Loyalhanna Watershed Auction this same weekend.

Please call G Squared for more information or to sign up for one, or both, of the workshops.

For more information on the artist, go to

 The life of an artist always takes us down unexpected paths.  A few weeks ago, Dix was approached about doing a painting of the Castle Rock, a predominant geological feature in Castle Rock, CO.  The company who approached us wanted to use the image for dignitary gifts at a ground breaking for a Centura Health facility being built in Castle Rock.  The result was this incrediable painting of the first light on the Castle Rock, which is now available through the studio, and a run of an edition of a 100 framed mini 5×7 giclees. Of the painting, Dix wrote:
For years I had coached down in Castle Rock, and got to see the many moods of the landmark of the town. I had thought of painting the morning light often and capturing the light emblazened rock face. I was recently asked to paint  the Castle Rock for a commerative gift print (closed series of 100). It was a challenge to pick a view, as the geological feature has extremely different profiles depending on your vantage point around the town. This view is the most familiar and sentimental to me; a view I often wanted to stop and paint. 
 Dix Baines-Artist Journal
“First Light on Castle Rock”
9×12     oil     $1300
Bring your art supplies and join Dix and explore his pond or work on something of your own 
Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 PM during Art Nights.
When Dix Baines first began his full-time art career over 13 years ago, several of his paintings were purchased by the 5 star property The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. To date 9 of Dix’s paintings, as well as 30 giclees, are part of the permanent Broadmoor collection. This past week The Hayden Hays Gallery, located at The Broadmoor, invited Dix to further extend his artistic presence at the property by becoming one of their regular artists.  As a project designer, during his Interior Design days, Dix worked on several projects at The Broadmoor, so for him this will be like coming home. We are excited about this new opportunity!
“Shadow Light”
32×40     oil     $9,900
available through the Hayden Hays Gallery @ 719.577.5744
“Southwest Sublime”
20×30     oil     $4,800
available through the Hayden Hays Gallery @ 719.577.5744
11×14     oil     $1,900
available through the Hayden Hays Gallery @ 719.577.5744
“Winter Sunset”
28×32    oil     $6,500
available through the Hayden Hays Gallery @ 719.577.5744