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Dix Baines will participate in the 2011 Colorado Governor’s Invitational Art Show and Sale, held in Loveland, Colorado. This is a landmark for the show, as it is their 20th year and a landmark for Dix, as it is his 10th year participating.  The show is always a favorite for us, as it is an opportunity to reconnect with collectors and artists friends.  As Dix so often says, the collectors collect his work, but we collect each of them as friends.
To learn more about the show and to purchase tickets for the Gala Opening Reception on Saturday, April 23rd, visit or call 970.663.0919

"Fish Rising" 24x27 $5200


"Black Canyon" 12x6 SOLD

"Summer Pond" 16x24 $3500

"Longs Peak Storm" 8x10 SOLD


A few years ago, Dix was sharing with me the philosophy of an American painter of the 1800’s by the name of George Inness ( ).  Besides being an extraordinary artist, the thoughts behind his paintings were just as astounding.  One little tidbit that I learned that day, which actually was a bit amusing, was that Innes never felt that a painting was “done”.  This could be a problem should a client bring a painting back to the studio, as they may pickup a completely different painting days later, as Inness revisited the painting.  I have found that this habit is not unique to Inness. As someone on the sidelines, I have had the opportunity to watch Dix as he has grown through a painting and then gone back and applied what he has learned to a past painting. Typically, it is not a huge change as apparently Inness was fond of doing.  More times than not, it has been a simple stroke of color or a lightening of an area that has caused the darks to pop, but in the end the subtle additions have been what was needed to take a painting from good to great.
–Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines

"Fish Rising" 24x27 $5200