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"Canoncito" Morning 7x8 **SOLD**

"Canoncito" 6x8 **SOLD**

"Canoncito" 8x10 **SOLD**

"Canoncito" 11x14 $1900

"Dappled Light on Canoncito" 28x32 **SOLD**

Sometimes an image captures the eye of an artist and they are drawn to paint it over and over again in various formats and sizes.  As every completed painting brings the artist to a new place in their creative development, no two paintings can or are exactly the same. Just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico is a beautiful church called Canoncito.  It is an image and a place that draws Dix Baines repeatedly and one that he has visited in paintings from large to small.  Having worked in Interior Design and Architecture for ten years, prior to embarking on a full time career as an artist, architectural images have an added pull.  Images of faith, such as Canoncito, which are monuments to individual’s faith, doubly so.  To date all, but one of Dix Baines’ paintings of Canoncito have sold.  The only one available is the 11×14 “Canoncito” and is currently available through The Hayden Hays Gallery ( – Kathlyn Gogarty-Baine


"Canyon Night" 7x8 **SOLD**

"Saint Francis Night" 7x8 **SOLD**

“As a painter, I’m always chasing the light, trying to capture those nuances of light,”  Dix Baines told Sam Curtis in a  2002 interview for “Big Sky Journal” ( I did not realize that “chasing the light” did not necessarily mean during the day light hours.  On the particular  evening, where these two painting images were captured, “Canyon Night” and “Saint Francis Night,” I found myself walking the streets of Santa Fe with Dix Baines as he “chased the light.”  “The color palette of the night hours is vastly different,” or so he told this non-artist, and “so as an artist you are never quite sure what you will get until the painting is complete”. It is a bit of a mystery or like unwrapping a present, or so it seems to me. In my view it must be  a bit intriguing for an artist to “chase the light,” when at first glance there does not seem to be any light and then to be able to capture that image onto the canvas.  -Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines

"Classic New Mexico" 16x42 **SOLD**

Driving with an artist is always interesting and with Dix Baines, even more so as everything he sees is fair game to paint.  We might be riding down a highway and talking, when suddenly mid sentence and a slam of the brakes we are pulling over, making a u-turn and heading in the opposite direction towards a scene that has caught his eye.  This particular scene, “Classic New Mexico” brings back memories of just such an episode.  We had just delivered some new work to McLarry Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico ( and were heading back to Denver when  this scene came into view.  Dix expertly flipped the car around, we went driving down a dirt road and the scene was caught with a snap of the camera.  Dix could not wait to get back home and begin painting! – Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines


Dix Baines began painting on a regular basis in 1994 and by 1997 he was painting full time.  Over the years he has produced a lot of paintings.  In those early years, we were still having paintings photographed and put on slides. Then digital photography started gaining steam. Now all these years later we have a mess of images both in digital and slide form. If the Studio burns down, we are in trouble as a record of all those years of work would be lost.  The goal this year is to get all those images in digital format and uploaded into the “sky” of  internet storage.  In going through all these images, the stories that go along with the paintings are remembered. This particular painting, “Shallow Waters”, has such a memorable story behind it, that I snagged it for our permanent collection.

In 2001 we had the opportunity to take our children on a trip for two weeks to Hawaii. We spent a week in Kauai and enjoyed touring the island and exploring the beaches.  While spending the day at Tunnel beach, on the northern part of the island, our youngest daughter met the dog in this painting. This beautiful golden retriever had tags, but didn’t appear to have an owner close at hand. The pup attached itself  to our daughter and they became long lost friends.  They played  fetch all day and in fact, our daughter named the dog “Shallow”. When it came time to go home, she assumed that Shallow was going home with us.  Shallow did not come home with us, but did make it into this painting. I suspect that when we are long gone, this painting will find it’s way into our daughter’s home, just as Shallow found his way into our daughter’s heart.

–Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines

"First Snow, Autumn Glow" oil 8x10 $1200

Rim Light oil 11x14 $1900

"Shotgun Ranch" oil 8x10 $1200

It is amazing how quickly the months rolls by and suddenly shows that have been on the calendar are here.  Production finishes up, paintings are framed, photographed and shipped off to their destination. This year Dix Baines’  will participate in the Panhandle-Plains Invitational Art Show for the third year.  This will be the first year, however, that he will have the opportunity to join in the festivities and attend the opening Gala. His paintings “First Snow, Autumn Glow,” “Rim Light,” and “Shotgun Ranch” will hand along side pantings by Albert Handell, Lorenzo Chavez, and Michael Ome Untiedt. To learn more about the show or to purchase any of these paintings visit or call 806.651.224.