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“The Scripture of Nature” 18×22 oil SOLD
“Rim Light” 11×14 oil SOLD
“Shotgun Ranch” oil 8×10 SOLD
“New Bloom oil 5×7 SOLD
“Brown Light” oil 5×7 SOLD

The month of March has brought with it Dix Baines’ own “March Madness,” as he has traveled to three shows within the course of a few weeks.  From Colorado to Texas….Colorado to Montana….Colorado to Texas….it has been a busy month resulting in one travel weary artist.  It is always worth the travel, however, as so much of art is about meeting the artist who created it and for the artists, meeting the collector.  When a collector purchases a painting, in essence they are collecting the artist.  They are collecting the artist’s perspective on the subject, their narrative on the subject, and in truth a bit on the artist’s soul, that has been laid on the canvas for the world to judge.  -Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines



"The Smell of Sweet Grass" 14x18 oil $2600

This past summer, Dix and I were driving to our son’s wedding in southern Utah. Having driven the I-70 to I-15 route more times than we would like to count, we opted taking a road that took us through Goblin Valley, Capital Reef, and Bryce Canyon. Both Capital Reef and Bryce are National Parks.  We had been to Bryce Canyon years previously, but never to Capital Reef and Goblin Valley.  All three were definitely worth the small road off the interstate.  While driving through Capital Reef, we stumbled upon the  image in the painting “The Smell of Sweet Grass.” It was rather surreal to see this image and reflect that it probably wasn’t much different from images of centuries past. The state of Utah has five National Parks, not to mention numerous State Parks that are well worth visiting.  Go to to  learn more about what the state has to offer.  For artists and travelers a like, the trip through the state is well worth.

This painting is one of five that Dix Baines will have in the upcoming Briscoe Museum’s upcoming 2012 Night of the Artists.  Visit to learn more about the show and purchase paintings. -Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines

"Branding" 18x22 oil $3600

One of the earliest commissions of Dix Baines’ art career was to paint the land of a 50,000 acre working ranch here in Colorado for the owner.  Dix set out one weekend and headed for the ranch, which was located in northern Colorado, and spent a few days absorbing the atmosphere of the area and watching the cowboys do their work.  Dix always feels that in order to really depict an image, one must live and breath the image before putting it into paint.  That means not just photographing the image and taking it back to the studio, but painting the image on location while feeling the elements work on you, as they work on the subject whether land or people. To feel the wind blow on his face, smell the smoke as the cattle were branded, and feel the dirt as it gets kicked up by all the cowboys, make it easier for Dix Baines to put the entire experience onto the canvas, rather than just a copy of the image. The painting “Branding,” an 18×22 oil, will be one of 5 paintings by Dix Baines that will be included in the Briscoe Museum 2012 Night of the Artists.  To learn more about the show or to purchase tickets for the opening Gala, visit –Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines

"Runnin Calves" 12x12 oil $1700

Although Dix Baines is a native of Colorado, his family’s roots run deep into the red earth of Oklahoma.  Whereas I am the city girl born and bred, who for most of my life thought that chickens came in the neat little packages at the grocery store, Dix is much more connected to the agricultural way of life.  Growing up in Denver he did not have much chance to interact with the country life until the opportunity arose, during high school, to work on a farm in Oklahoma near where his Dad grew up.  During the four summers of high school he learned what is was to work those 18 hour days in the field or where those chickens really do come from and even how to brand cattle.  The scene in “Runnin Calves” is one that he is well familiar with and has actually participated in. “Runnin Calves” is one of five paintings by Dix Baines that will be included in this years Briscoe Museum Night of the Artists. —Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines