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"Autumn Leaves and Rolling Rocks" 5x7 oil **SOLD**

"First Snow, Autumn Glow" 8x10 oil $1200-Available through McLarry Gallery @ 505.988.1161

"Rolling Rocks" 16x20 oil $3000 -Available through Hayden Hays Gallery @ 719.577.5744

"Blowing Leaves" 24x36 oil $6400-Available through Hayden Hays Gallery @ 719.577.5744

In October last year, Dix and I made a trek through Wyoming to visit our daughter at college.  Of course the camera accompanied us, as it does on every trip, just in case an image presented itself that Dix would have to paint.  Artists are forever on the hunt for images.  As we flew down I-80, Dix informed me that he knew that just outside of Laramie, there was an area he thought would be good to photograph. As we came around the bend, neither of us was prepared with just how extraordinary the view would be!  The clouds had parted and allowed for the sunlight to stream downward and light up the golden aspen leaves.  Everything was lightly dusted with snow!  It couldn’t have been a more perfect view, as the fact that Dix spent two hours photographing it attested!  Here are just a few of the views that Dix Baines painted from those amazing views. –Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines