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In those early years of our marriage and pursuing a college degree Dix Baines, like so many artists was frustrated trying to determine what career to pursue where he could use his artistic talents and still make a living.  Neither of us had any idea that painting would fulfill both needs and so we never felt that the job title of “Artist” was even an option.  After taking an oil painting class, the instructor pointed him in the direction of the Interior Design Department, where he not only excelled in interior design, but in particular the skill of architectural renderings.  In 1987 Dix Baines received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Brigham Young University and began a career in Interior Design and Architecture at a prestigious Hotel and Design firm in Denver.

The career in Interior Design was a real love-hate relationship.  The creativity required for each design was exhilarating. The boundaries of budgets and non-creative individuals a frustration.  With his skill of painting architectural renderings, Dix Baines was able to keep his paintbrush wet and continue to improve his skill.  Whenever possible, he would use that skill outside of the office, as well as his own creativity.  In the first year at his job (1987), his Mother-in-law, ask him to create a sketch for a Sunday School class. 40 hours later, while listening to Handel’s Messiah for inspiration, the sketch turned into this creative masterpiece, “Lehi’s Dream”. The painting done in Gouache, an opaque watercolor, although very different from his later developed style, was none the less a statement of his total freedom to create. -KathlynGogarty-Baines

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The month of May is upon us and with it Dix Baines celebrates fifteen years of pursuing his passion for painting as a full-time artist. Often people ask me how in the world I was able to support his pursuit of a profession as an artist, but if truth be told, I was the one who pushed Dix Baines to jump ship as a project manager for an Interior Design firm and move into the art world.

Dix Baines began his career as an artist at an early age, as he was constantly drawing and sketching on any available paper…including his school books.  In fourth grade his Dad sat him down for a “chat” to discuss the drawings that were found on every page of  the textbooks and to encourage him to focus more on math and a whole lot less on a art.  The conversation didn’t take though, as a few years later Dix’s grandmother gave him his first set of oil paints and he was hooked.  In an interview with Sam Curtis for “Big Sky Journal”( in 2002,  Dix said “…He remembers painting with those oils and loving the smell of turpentine and linseed oil. Anybody who loves that smell, look out. It can reach up and bite you”.

That love of art and painting in particular simply would not go away and it was a passion that I was well aware of when we married almost thirty years ago in 1982. I thought that the pursuit of art was something one did later in life as a hobby, not as a career.  In my mind it was a retiree’s past time and one that Dix would explore later in life….much later….after working a “real job” and raising our family. I was to soon learn, however, that being an artist was as viable career as being a doctor, lawyer, or teacher and every bit as important…

Read the “rest of the story” in text and pictures as we celebrate Dix Baines’ 15 years in the Studio fulltime by visiting the Dix Baines blog regularly throughout the month of May.- Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines