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It was said once that “Life is what happens when you’re planning”.  That was certainly the case this past month, as the intent was to continue the story of Dix Baines art career through the month of May in order to celebrate his fifteen years in the Studio as a full-time artist. Unfortunately, life was happening and the blog was set on the backseat until today….

The desire to paint and create smoldered within Dix Baines for the next seven years, but it was not until an uncle told him that what he needed to do was to “….paint and hour a day”. With a full-time job and small children, this seemed within reach and not completely out of reach.  He registered for an oil painting class at the Art Students League of Denver ( and he began to paint.  Each week he would make the trek to downtown Denver to the Art Students League to become inspired and to learn.  It was a tremendous creative and learning environment where he met exceptional artists such as Quang Ho and Kim English.  In addition, he began to do exactly as his uncle suggested. He began painting an hour a day….

"TETON LIGHT" 20x24 oil **SOLD**