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The first two ponds were such a success and so enjoyed, that the decision was made to do something really big. This pond was going to be far too big for Dix Baines to dig by hand and so on March 27, 2013,  an Excavator was rented from the local Home Depot and the serious digging began. If we were ever going to do another pond, it would be for the sole purpose of Dix using the Excavator again because he had so much fun.  There was only one problem with the Excavator, however, and that was that it could not reach all the way across the width of the pond.  The result was what I like to call the “Dakota Ridge”, a ridge of dirt that ran from one end of the pond to the other, and all had to be removed by hand. Every night after work was done for the day, we would go out and move one bucket of dirt at a time. I would stand in the hole, filling buckets, and Dix would lift them out and wheelbarrow them to the three new garden beds. It was a long and hard activity, but eventually came to an end.  Each night, after having moved five wheelbarrows full of dirt, we would sit in chairs at the end of the new pond, imagining what it would be when complete. Our neighbors thought we were nuts, but we could see the end result as we looked across the freshly dug pond. -Kathlyn

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Dix Baines Studio Lower Pond 2013

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Dix Baines Studio Lower Pond 2013

Several years ago, Dix Baines decided that he wanted a pond. As an avid fly-fisherman, he had always loved all the elements of the river; the water, the vegetation, and definitely the fish. Why not have some of those elements in his own yard.  He began digging, with a shovel, into the heavy Colorado clay soil and finally after a year or so had what looked like the beginnings of a pond. In the summer of 2009,the digging was done, the liner was laid, and finally the water added. Little by little plants were put both in and around the pond and Koi were added to their new home. This first pond was such a success and enjoyed so much, that Dix actually added a second pond above the Lower Pond to provide additional water circulation, as the two ponds are connected by a stream. By 2013 this was the daily view, while eating lunch and dinner or any other time we had a minute to soak in the sights and sounds.  -Kathlyn Gogarty-Baines