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Miniature Art, Art Shows, Art Auction, Abend Gallery, Holiday Art Show“After the Hunt” oil Jeff Siemons

Jeff Siemons, Dix Baines, Abend, Gallery, Art Auction“Pumkin Pickers II” oil Jeff Siemons

“HOW DID you get your start?” This is the question Kristin Hoerth of Southwest Art Magazine poses in her editor’s notes of the October 2012 issue. It is a question I have asked myself and one with an easy answer. I remember the exact moment when the collecting began for Dix and I. Years ago we attended one of our first holiday miniature shows at Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Upon walking into the gallery, I was immediately drawn to a grouping of three little paintings, each not bigger than 4″x3,” of children in a pumpkin patch. I spent the entire evening looking at those paintings and reminiscing about our own children and the many outings we took.  We ended up purchasing two of the paintings, which were the first original paintings we ever bought. I learned about the power of art that night and how it can transport you back to a time or place of importance and joy. At the time, those paintings took me to moments with our children; the beach, the museum, the zoo, the park….Today, as those same children have flown from the nest, those paintings take me back to years gone by when our house was filled with the happy noise and chaos that surrounds three busy children. – Kathlyn